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In this climate of uncertainty, are you confident your organization is financially positioned to fulfill its mission and vision for the coming years?

New Circumstances Require Leaders To Try New Strategies

Executive Pastor/CFO Services

Who is providing your organization financial/operational strategies for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities?

Stewardship Advisor Services

Who is creating a detailed monthly financial plan to increase donations while reducing expenses for your organization?

Financial Budgeting Services

Does your organization have a budget to ensure it remains financially healthy during these uncertain times?

Our Financial Services

MRM and Associates is excited to be partnering with MinistryCFO to bring you Church Financial Group (CFG). The CFG team brings over a half-century of marketplace and ministry experiences for churches and non-profit organizations. CFG understands that these two types of organizations operate very similarly (donation income vs. product/service income). Our goal is to ensure our clients are financially healthy to fulfill their missions and visions for the coming years!

Fractional Executive Pastor/CFO Services- As the leader, how often do you hear or even say to yourself, “I just don’t have enough time to dig into the financials!”? Well, that is where our Fractional Executive Pastor/CFO can step in and take those responsibilities off your plate. While our Executive Pastor/CFO is focusing on improving the organization's financial position and operational systems, you can focus on leading the team in fulfilling the organization's mission and vision.

This innovative service is not for every organization. But, if your organization is facing some difficult financial decisions to expand or in a season to pull back, it could be a costly mistake not to have an experiencedExecutive Pastor/CFO part of your team. Hiring an Executive Pastor/CFO who understands the non-profit world can be extremely valuable for your organization. The best part of this partnership is your organization gets access to an Executive Pastor/CFO with years of marketplace and ministry experience for a fraction of the cost! If you have any questions about this service, please Click Here.

Stewardship Advisor Services- CFG is excited to have the opportunity to offer another amazing financial service. What does this service include? Each month, a Stewardship Advisor will review and analyze your organization's financials and other relevant data. They will then create a detailed financial plan which will include specific steps on how you and your team can implement it. The Advisor will work alongside your current church administrator and/or outsourcing bookkeeping company. This 'add-on' value service also includes monthly access with a Stewardship Advisor. They can serve as another resource for other financial questions that may come up.

The bottom line goal for our services is to create a plan that will increase giving while finding ways to decrease expenses for your organization. This will result in creating more financial margin..more money to further your organization's mission. When properly executed, we are confident our services/plans will more than pay for themselves (2x-10x return on the monthly membership fee). Don't wait any longer! During these uncertain times, your organization needs a financial plan. Now, you don't have to worry about coming up with a financial plan each month because we are here to guide you through the entire process!

Financial Budgeting Services- Many churches and non-profit organizations don't have a budget to help them monitor and track their financials. Many leaders of these organizations don't have the margin to begin this time-consuming process.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! One thing is for sure every organization will need to be more financially diligent during these uncertain times. With so many financial irregularities in 2020-21 (irregular giving patterns, PPP loan money, abnormal monthly expenses, etc.), it can make the budgeting process even more difficult to work through. Don't get frustrated because you don't have a budget! We have affordable options for your organization. Feel free to contact us today for more details!
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Exec. Pastor/CFO Services Plan

Change Plans Anytime / Cancel Anytime
  • Develop Financial And Operational Goals For The Organization
  • Involved In The Strategic Planning For Future Growth
  • Monitor Cash Flow Projections And Expense Reductions On A Weekly Basis
  • Review Monthly Financial Reports and Create Custom Financial Summary For The Leadership Team
  • Create and Manage The Organization's Operating Budget
  • Develop Performance And Success Goals For Team Members
  • Provide General Business Administration For Your Organization
  • **This Service Involves An Interview Process To Ensure Both Parties Come To Terms With An Agreement**

Stewardship Advisor
Services Plan

Change Plans Anytime / Cancel Anytime
  • Full Assessment Of The Organization's Financial Position Each Month
  • Review Monthly Financial Reports and Create Custom Financial Summary For The Leadership Team
  • Monthly Zoom Call With Your Stewardship Advisor (Review Monthly Financial (Giving/Expense) Plan And Monthly Financial Summary)
  • Weekly Emails Providing Ideas To Increase Donations And Ways To Decrease Operating Expenses
  • Direct Access To Your Stewardship Advisor For Financial Questions
  • Access To Church Coaching Community (additional fee for this service/contact us for more details)

Services Plan

Change Plans Anytime / Cancel Anytime
  • Full Assessment Of The Organization's Financial Position
  • Complete Evaluation Of The Financial Reports From Previous Years
  • Provide A New Annual and Monthly Budget For The Organization
  • Detailed Budget Will Address Current And Future Organizational Needs
  • Weekly Emails Providing Ideas To Increase Donations And Ways To Decrease Operating Expenses
  • An Affordable Option For Churches and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Access To Church Coaching Community (additional fee for this service/contact us for more details)

Why go through another season alone?

While leading an organization during uncertain times can create overwhelming stress professionally but also on a personal level. One of those stress points could be the organization's financial position. The 'weight of the finances' can squeeze the energy and passion out of any organizational leader. It may be so heavy the leader feels like giving up? They may not know how to find relief from these stressful feelings? That is where CFG can step in for your organization. We will take the financial weight off you! Let us focus on the finances while you focus on leading your team in fulfilling the mission of the organization!

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.
Proverbs 19:20

"Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.”
Richard Cushings

We Can Go Further, Faster.....Working Together!

We truly believe a partnership with CFG can accelerate the financial momentum your organization is experiencing now or bridge the gap between where your organization is currently and where it needs to be for the future.

As a reminder, Church Financial Group (CFG) offers three unique financial services for churches and non-profit organizations.

One of our services (Fractional Executive Pastor/CFO Services) is an innovative service that gives organizations access to an experienced Executive Pastor / CFO for a fraction of the cost. If your organization has reached the point where it needs a new direction with its finances, then this could be a great option. This service has limited availability. Let's have a conversation today to see if this opportunity is a good fit for both parties!

Our next service (Stewardship Advisor Services) is a great option for small to mid-size churches/non-profits. One of our CFG Advisors will work alongside your current bookkeeping team while bringing a new level of financial expertise to the organization. We will develop a financial plan each month to get quick, positive financial results (increase giving while decreasing expenses). If your organization needs more financial margin, then CFG is here to make that a reality!

The third service (Financial Budgeting Services) will provide a new monthly and annual operating budget for your organization. This affordable service will also create a reporting system that will track monthly donations received versus what was received the previous year. Also, your organization's expenses will be tracked the same way each month. This comprehensive information is imperative for accountability and tracking purposes. We can help guide you through the entire process, so email us today to get started!

Our desire with this partnership will be viewed as a long-term relationship. We are confident these affordable monthly plans will deliver immediate and measurable results (2x-10x return) that will take your organization to a new level financially! To get started, just fill out the FREE Financial Assessment. Once that information is received, we will be in touch very soon about your next step!

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Fractional Executive Pastor/CFO Services
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